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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing Thoreau may have called it "sauntering," we might just call it a slow, silent nature walk...but these days some call it forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. Whatever we call it, we will be meeting to share this simple practice together. Research is beginning to show the health benefits of forest bathing for balancing our all-too-busy minds and bodies. For all those who love to shed stress on a hike, forest bathing takes the already-wonderful idea of hiking and slows it down, closer to the experience of opening all our senses and savoring each new awareness. When we forest bathe, rather than walk from point A to B, we travel a purposely short distance in order to feel each footstep on the earth, breathe aromatic fragrances, listen to individual bird songs, ponder where a slug is heading, or brush a fern lightly and feel its delicate resilience. Through immersing ourselves in the environment, we might just reconnect with our innate sense of beauty, wonder, and belonging in the green world. This activity is planned for evening in order to experience the sunset as a traditional time of rest and turning inward, as the more-than-human world prepares to leave the day behind. Weather permitting, circle up afterward around the campfire to sit in peace or share a few thoughts if you choose. Please bring chair or blanket to relax around the campfire. Event will be held at the Education Area at the specified time.

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