Improvements Around The Park


The Friends of Wooster Memorial Park work to keep trails cleared and safe. Below you can find some of the most recent projects. If you'd like to be involved, please reach out on the contact form, we'd love to hear from you.

September 7 2019 - College of Wooster Swim Team Volunteers

On Saturday, September 7th, 19 members of the College of Wooster swim team along with their coach Rob Harrington worked three hours to make several improvements on WMP trails. Led by FWMP volunteers Bob Haugh, Nick Wiesenberg and Shelley Schrier, they cleared trails, dug trenches to divert water, cleared built up gravel and soil from water bars, and repositioned railroad ties to make steps. In addition on the morning FWMP volunteer Kris Hawke painted blazes on the Outer trail. Thanks to all of the volunteers for their hard work to keep the trails in good shape.

September 1 2019 - Connection Church Volunteer Day

On Sunday, September 1, fourteen volunteers from Connection Churchcame to WMP on their community service day. Led by FWMP volunteers John Abt, Jay Mosley and Shelley Schrier, they mulched several sections of the Education trail and repainted blazes on the Education and Sassafras trails. Thank you Connection Church for choosing to help out at Wooster Memorial Park.

July 28 2019 - New Pointe Church Volunteer Day

New Pointe Church held a community volunteer day on Sunday, July 28, 2019. Lead by FWMP members Chuck Armbruster and Jay Mosley, 10 volunteers from New Pointe Church installed 6 posts and signs on the new Roller trail and Tooley spur. An additional post and signs were installed for the Saddleback trail. Thanks to the hard working volunteers for making this important improvement to Wooster Memorial Park. 

July 2019 - New Trillium Trail Bridge


On July 9, 12 and 13 three Wooster City personnel along with 13 FWMP volunteers built a bridge over an eroding section of the Trillium trail. The bridge, designed by FWMP member Bob Haugh, greatly improves hikers ability to traverse this trail. Andrew Guidetti, PPM Supervisor, Rick Thompson and Jordan Grossen from the city along with Bob Haugh spent Tuesday clearing the trail to transport materials and building the foundation. Then on Friday and Saturday volunteers John Abt, Chuck Armbruster, Jeannette Durkalski, Trudi Hoyle, Tim Mendiola, Jay Mosley, Tricia Petraven, Clyde Potts, Randy Rowe, Shelley Schrier, Nick Wiesenberg, and Greg Wiles, led by Bob Haugh collectively contributed 90 hours to construct the bridge. Thanks to the city for providing the materials and thanks to all who contributed their time to complete this project. 

October 2018 - New Spangler Trail Bridge

Spangler trail has a new bridge at a precarious crossing thanks to our many volunteers and Bob Haugh!!

After Images:

Before Images:

October 2018 - Park improvements
September 22, 2018 - Kiosk improvements

The kiosks have been 'spiffied up'.  Painting by Darin Pritt, new member of the kiosk committee.  Jeanne Fedyk and Jenni Adams (she added the non-fading black paper to the other side of the kisoks - not known in pics) are the other members of the subcommittee.

September 22, 2018 - College of Wooster Service Day

On Saturday, September 22, students, faculty and staff from the College of Wooster spent the morning volunteering at Wooster Memorial Park for the Black and Gold Saturday Service Day.  Sixteen volunteers, led by 3 members of the Friends of Wooster Memorial Park helped with seeding along the new Kenwood ADA trails and building a trail on the new Roller acquisition. In addition, 4 more volunteers from the Friends group installed tree guards to protect many of the trees planted in Kenwood. Thanks to all who helped.

September 2, 2018 - Connection Church Workday

On Sunday, September 2 volunteers from Connection Church in Wooster came to Wooster Memorial Park. On a very hot and humid day, they worked for 2 hours mulching trails in the Education area and installing sign posts for the new Kenwood trails. Leaders from the Friends of Wooster Memorial Park Dan Buehler, Sue Arcy and Rhonda Edgerton helped the mulchers and Nick Weisenberg and Shelley Schrier helped the trail post installers. Andy Pea and Jason Boreman from the city came in on their weekend to dig the post holes. Thanks to all the volunteers for a very successful day.  

June 26, 2018 - Education Bridge Repair

Thanks to Bob Haugh, Chuck Armbruster, Dan Buehler, John Abt and Clyde Potts for completing the repair on the Education trail bridge. They raised the bridge, placed the 8x8x8' timber to support the south end, placed about 35 crushed limestone filled bags to protect the bank from hopefully further erosion and re-planked the whole bridge to get better spacing between the planks. Their efforts make the park safer for all to enjoy. Their dedication to the park and spirit of volunteerism is truly appreciated.

April 22, 2018 - College Of Wooster Pi Kappa Sorority Volunteers on Earthday 

Nine young women from the College of Wooster Pi Kappa sorority wanted to do a project at Wooster Memorial Park in honor of Earth Day. Under the leadership of two FWMP members they spent 2.5 hours at the park pulling the invasive garlic mustard. Pulling these invasive plants allows room for native species to flourish. Thanks to these dedicated women for their contribution to park beauty.

April 18, 2018 - Work Day

Clearing the woods of invasive shrubs! Thanks to all our volunteers!

April 14, 2018 - College of Wooster Work Day



On April 14, seventeen students from the College of Wooster Volunteer Network worked for three hours mulching trails and picking garlic mustard. Oriana Freeman from the COW VN executive board contacted the Friends of Wooster Memorial Park to volunteer their services. Four members of FWMP, John Abt, Chuck Armbruster, Dan Buehler and Tom Johnson along with Jack Savage from OARDC volunteered to supervise the work. Students worked hard and finished mulching the Education trail in time to take some short hikes and pick the invasive garlic mustard. Thanks to all who participated. 

February  28, 2018 - Locust Tree Removal

Work at the Education Area to clear locust trees from the prairie and also invasive shrubs in the same area.  

November 16, 2017 - Invasive Shrub Removal

Today John (Abt) had a workday out at the park clearing invasives such as honeysuckle and privet from the little steam that separates the Kenwood property from the white house to the west. It looks much better now but was sure a lot of work. Helpers were Dan Buehler and Tim Mendiola and Jeanne Durkalski (not in the photo). 

November 11, 2017 - Invasive Shrub Removal

Thanks Tom, Beth, Dan, and Jeanne.  It was a small, but great work crew!

November 3, 2017 - Gabe Walker, Eagle Scout

Thanks to Gabe Walker, Eagle Scout for choosing WMP for his project. Gabe planned and supervised the building of a boardwalk on the Strock trail. He also moved and/or reinstalled four trail posts. Thanks also to Troop 66 and Gabe's advisors.

October 5, 2017 - Kenwood Seeding

Volunteers from Friends of Wooster Memorial Park were out Thursday seeding parts of the new Kenwood Trail (still under construction). Great job!

"Over the last two days a sizeable area of the Kenwood was seeded to grass.  Thanks go to many people for a hurry-up effort due to the forcasted rain.  Special thanks to Dustin for enduring the very dusty work, and to Dominic for helping us in a pinch.


Grass seed donations:  Paradise Lawn Care, Walmart, and Centerra Coop (Henry St.)


Final ground preparation:  Ventrac Corp. and Dustin Steiner


Seed spreaders and straw thrower:  Tim Mendiola and Central Rental


Labor: Dustin Steiner, Chuck Armbruster, Barb Moore, Peter Kruse, John Abt, Jeanne Durkalski, Dan Buehler, Andrew and Dominic Guidetti (hope I haven't forgotten someone)"

October 4 & 5, 2017 - New Bridge

The first bridge in the park has been eroding and tilting quite bad the past year, volunteer Bob Haugh and his team of volunteers have came in and built a new bridge and a bench! Great job Bob!