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Trails at Wooster Memorial Park

EDUCATION LOOP (yellow) – This trail has a gentle grade and is one of the easiest to hike in the Park. The trail goes through forest and forest margins along a ravine in the southwestern portion of the Park. Hikers should follow the grass/forest edge when not on the wooded trails. (0.9 miles) Difficulty: Easy.

OLD FIELD TRAIL (white) – These gentle trails cross historic farm fields and provide a connection to the Spangler Trail, the Sassafras Trail and the Outer Trail. (0.5 miles) Difficulty:Easy.

HARTMAN TRAIL (orange, east) – This short trail on the Kenwood Parcel borders a ravine with a scenic view and goes through beautiful hardwood forest. It connects the Trillium Trail with the Kenwood Trail. (0.2 miles) Difficulty: Easy.

STROCK TRAIL (light purple) – This wooded trail on the Strock Parcel traverses an upland area of the Park that parallels the Outer Trail, but is a safe distance from the steep ravine slopes. The trail goes through mature forests of native hardwoods and hemlocks. (0.4 miles) Difficulty: Easy.

SASSAFRAS TRAIL (orange) – This wooded trail connects the Old Field Trail with the Outer Trail.. (0.6 miles) Difficulty: Easy/Moderate 

KENWOOD TRAIL (white, east) – This trail borders the old farm and forested area on the Kenwood Parcel. It eventually takes you down the side of a ravine to connect with the Outer Trail. Look for a sign marking a side trail that ends in a beautiful scenic overlook. (0.8 miles) Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

TRILLIUM TRAIL (green) – This trail follows the eastern Rathburn Run valley and a steep hemlock ridge on the south side of the Run. In spring, masses of trillium wildflowers cover the hillside. . (0.9 miles) Difficulty: Moderate

SPANGLER TRAIL (blue) – Named after Park donor Paul Spangler, this wooded trail follows the valley floor on the south side of Rathburn Run, then rises to the ridge where it passes the Ledges and the edge of the old farm field. Note that the trail crosses the Run 6 times (no bridges). (1.5 miles) Difficulty: Moderate

SADDLEBACK TRAIL (purple) – This trail on the Strock Parcel overlooks the Little Killbuck Creek, and traverses upland and floodplain forests and the ridges and valleys of two ravines.(1.3 miles) Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

OUTER TRAIL (red) – This is one of the most challenging trails in the Park. It traverses the ridges, valley, and side ravines of Rathburn Run. Note that the trail crosses the Run 2 times (no bridges). (2.2 Miles) Difficulty: Difficult 

NOTE: The average person hikes at a rate of 2.5 miles per hour on a flat trail.


SAFETY NOTE: Wooster Memorial Park trails are primitive earthen foot trails, and trail conditions are constantly changing. Trail conditions may vary with the season, weather, and maintenance status. Hillsides erode, trees fall down, and signage changes. Please remember: the map is not the trail. The map cannot and does not describe every feature, root, rock or rut. This is a primitive and remote park and these conditions should be respected and anticipated when you plan to use the Park.

DISCLAIMER: Each person has his/her own capabilities and limits. When you enter Wooster Memorial Park, you assume responsibility for your own safety. It is your duty to make yourself aware of trail conditions, weather, terrain, and wildlife, as well as the limits of your abilities and those of your companions.

PLEASE RESPECT AND HELP CARE FOR OUR UNIQUE, NATURE PARK! To retain the natural character of the park and to be considerate of others, please cooperate with the following:

  • When hiking, please stay on the trails.

  • Trails are for foot traffic only. Bicycles, horses, and motorized vehicles are not permitted in the park.

  • Do NOT pick wildflowers, remove any plants or animals, or cut trees.

  • Alcohol and hunting are not permitted within the park.

  • Dogs must be controlled. Please use a leash.

  • Open fires are PROHIBITED!

  • NO loitering or soliciting permitted in the park. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

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