October 27, 2019

Take a hike and enjoy the fall colors

These group hikes are brought to you by Friends of Wooster Memorial Park (www.friendsofwmp.com) and are open to the public. Event will begin at the KENWOOD Parking Area at 2pm. Come prepared for the weather and to have a good time...

October 6, 2019

There are seven species of salamanders in the park and fall is their most active season. Come out with a local expert to encounter and learn about these fascinating animals and help with a citizen science project.

These group hikes are brought to you by Friends of Woo...

September 28, 2019

Forest Bathing

Thoreau may have called it "sauntering," we might just call it a slow, silent nature walk...but these days some call it forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. Whatever we call it, we will be meeting to share this simple practice together. Research is beginning...

August 18, 2019

These 12 hikers were joined by 2 others on Sunday, August 18 to hike to the new Tooley spur at Wooser Memorial Park, We completed the 3.6 mile hike in just around 2 hours. A good time was had by all.

July 13, 2019

Walk in Rathburn Run

WMP looks a bit different when you are actually “in” Rathburn Run. On a hot day the cool water is also a treat. We will catch some critters in the run, and see what there is to see. Wear footwear than can be 100% wet.
Children must be accompanied wi...

June 15, 2019

Bee Blitz

Come participate in National Pollinator Week with an exciting Bee Blitz at the park! We will search for Ohio's diversity of native bees on an easy walk around the prairie and Old Field Trail. Remember to bring a camera to upload your photos to iNaturalist


May 19, 2019

Every Tree Has a Story

You've been on the walks to learn their names and how to identify them. Come learn some of the stories, the history, and the fun/amazing facts about the trees in WMP.

These group hikes are brought to you by Friends of Wooster Memorial Park (www.fr...

May 6, 2019

Homeschool Hike

Join Education Specialist Karrie McAllister from The Wilderness Center for a naturalist's view of Wooster Memorial Park. Geared for homeschool families with children ages five and up, we'll hike to see how spring unfolds to summer and all that nature has...