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Species in the park.


Wooster Memorial Park is a great place to observe wildlife. Whether bird, or insect, mammal, or plant, grass or fungi, there's so much to see. Below you can find lists of some species you may be able to see in the park at certain times of the year, but we want to see what you find as well. iNaturalist is a great resource for you to keep track of species you find and you can add findings from Wooster Memorial Park to our "Project" to share with us your great finds! 

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We are also monitoring for the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, learn more and/or report a sighting here.

Birds in the park

Some common species you may see in the park. Download and print the comprehensive bird list to keep track of your sightings!

___DUCK, Mallard*


___GOOSE, Canada*

___TURKEY, Wild*

___DOVE, Mourning*

___PIGEON, Rock*

___CUCKOO, Black-billed


___NIGHTHAWK, Common*

___SWIFT, Chimney*

___HUMMINGBIRD, Ruby-throated*

___CRANE, Sandhill

___PLOVER, Killdeer*

___SANDPIPER, Spotted*

___American Woodcock*

___VULTURE, Turkey*

___HAWK, Cooper’s*


___OWL, Eastern Screech*

___Great Horned*


___KINGFISHER, Belted*






___Northern Flicker*

___American Kestrel*

___FLYCATCHER, Acadian*


___Eastern Phoebe*


___Eastern Wood-Pewee*

___Eastern Kingbird*

___SHRIKE, Northern

___VIREO, White-eyed*





___JAY, Blue*

___CROW, American*

___SWALLOW, Tree*



___CHICKADEE, Carolina*


___TITMOUSE, Tufted*

___NUTHATCH, White-breasted*

___CREEPER, Brown*

___WREN, House*


___GNATCATCHER, Blue-gray*

___American Robin*

___Eastern Bluebird*

___CATBIRD, Gray*


___Brown Thrasher*

___STARLING, European*

___WAXWING, Cedar*


___FINCH, House*

___American Goldfinch*

___TOWHEE, Eastern*

___SPARROW, Chipping*

___American Tree




___JUNCO, Dark-eyed

___CHAT, Yellow-breasted*

___ORIOLE, Baltimore*


___MEADOWLARK, Eastern* 


___Brown-headed Cowbird*

___Common Grackle*


___WARBLER, Blue-winged*




___Louisiana Waterthrush*


___Common Yellowthroat*


___TANAGER, Scarlet*

___CARDINAL, Northern*

___GROSBEAK, Rose-breasted*

___BUNTING, Indigo*

Birding List for
Wooster Memorial Park

Trees in the park

___Apple, Common

___Ash, Black
___Ash, White
___Aspen, Big-tooth
___Basswood, American
___Beech, American
___Birch, Yellow
___Buckeye, Ohio
___Buckeye, Red

___Catalpa, Hardy or Northern

___Chestnut, American

___Chestnut, Chinese
___Cherry, Pin or Fire

___Cherry, Sweet

___Cherry, Wild Black


___Cottonwood, Eastern

___Crabapple, spp

___Dogwood, Alternate-leaved

___Dogwood, Flowering

___Elm, American

___Elm, Slippery

___Gum, Black or Sour & Tupelo

___Hawthorn, spp.

___Hemlock, Eastern

___Hickory, Bitternut

___Hickory, Shagbark

___Hornbeam, American or Musclwood

___Hornbeam, Hop or Ironwood
___Kentucky Coffee tree

___Linden, European

___Locust, Black

___Locust, Honey

___Maple, Ash-leaved

___Maple, Black

___Maple, Hedge

___Maple, Norway

___Maple, Red

___Maple, Silver

___Maple, Sugar

___Mulberry, White

___Oak, Black

___Oak Bur

___Oak, English

___Oak, Pin

___Oak, Red

___Oak, White

___Osage Orange

___Pine, Red

___Pine, Scotch

___Pine, White


___Spruce, Colorado Blue

___Spruce, Norway


___Sycamore, American


___Walnut, Black

___Willow, Black

___Witch Hazel

Compiled by Marvin Smith Oct. 2017

Printable Tree List

Vegetation in the park

Extensive list of vegetation found in Wooster Memorial Park 2003-2009

Ferns in the park

___ Christmas (Polystichum acrostichoides)

___ Common Polypody (Polypodium virginianum)

___ Dissected Grape Fern (Botrychium dissectum)

___ Ebony Spleenwort (Asplenium platyneuron)

___ Fragile (Cystopteris fragilis)

___ Hay-scented (Dennstaedtia punctrilobula)

___ Intermediate Wood (Dryopteris intermedia)

___ Lady (Athyrium filix-femina)

___ Maidenhair (Adiantum pedatum)

___ Marginal Wood (Dryopteris marginalia)

___ New York (Thelypteris noveboracensis)

___ Rattlesnake (Botrychium virginianum)

___ Sensitive (Onoclea sensibilis)

___ Silvery Glade (Athyrium thelypterioides)

___ Spinulose Wood (Dryopteris austriaca)

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