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Closed Trail

We are sad to announce that due to undercutting erosion from the Little Killbuck Creek, we have permanently closed the Tooley Spur. For your safety as well as the integrity of the bank we ask that you please avoid the area.

Posted: Nov 18, 2020
Dog Incident

Hello WMP hikers. This story came to us through our website email. It is especially important that you read this if you hike with a dog. Most hikers I see respect the rules of keeping dogs on a leash and it is really appreciated. This incident is a reminder of why we ask you to keep your dogs on a leash. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Shelley Schrier, FWMP Board Member

Greetings. First.... we love Wooster Memorial Park! We so enjoy getting out especially this time of year. My husband, our little dog Tucker and I were out enjoying those wonderful trails along with so many others Saturday Oct 17, around 4. We were hiking on the outer trail, when an unleashed dog, tail wagging approached from the other direction. She came up over the rise, sniffed Tucker before my husband could pick him up, and attacked our pooch. It was awful!! We beat her with our walking sticks, but she wouldn't let go. My husband pulled Tucker's leash, and his collar disconnected and down the ravine the dogs went. We went after, my husband ended up on top of the other dog before she would release Tucker. I was wedged partway down the 40 ft ravine. He couldn't let the dog up, I hollered for Tucker, got down the ravine and scooped him up, a bloody mess. That's when the owner showed up. He was apologetic, said the dog had never done that before, but kills groundhogs on their farm. Long story short, trip to the vet for Tucker - who was very lucky - bites on chest, puncture missed an artery, the vet said. He is healing quickly and already acting himself. My husband, my hero, is scratched bruised and stiff, but doing better. Unfortunately, I have 2 compression fractures in my spine ;-( , had a run in with a log part way down - the log won. and am waiting for X-ray results on my hip that they took today. That dog's $10 leash is costing us medical expenses, PT, vet bills, and off work- doc said probably 8 weeks since i am a pharmacist and stand on the job! Absolutely insane! Lots of blessings in it - Tucker wasn't worse, the ravine we went down was soft earthy composted leaves, no borders, the owner showed up, and our vet was available. All good things. [The owner] was apologetic, offered to cover any vet bills ($117) and gave us a name and phone number. I am passing this on to you just so you are aware what happened. It's probably not the first, may not be the last.

I have no idea how you could possibly police the "dogs must be on a leash" rule. We would love to let Tuck run free, as I am sure others would with their dogs, but so it s irresponsible with the public trail. I would hate to think at some point dogs would not be permitted on the trails - there were so many folks out enjoying the day with their furry friends. And I would hate not being able to take Tucker with us. I woke that first night home, having flashes of what happened. And have thought about the young families we passed with small dogs. Had it happened with them that would have been horrific - traumatic, and possibly a worse outcome. My husband and I are in our 60s and it was tough enough on us. Sending this your way just so you are aware. Thank you for your commitment to the park. It is such a gift to our community. Looking forward to hiking the trails again in a few months when we are mended.

Posted: April 16, 2018
18th Annual Meeting
On April 11 the Friends of Wooster Memorial Park held their 18th annual meeting. A gathering of 25 members shared a short social time eating pizza and snacks provided by the board of directors. Following there was a business meeting highlighting the year’s accomplishments. These included the purchase of close to 57 acres of land known as the Roller (40 acres) and the Tooley (~17 acres)  properties. Monies for the purchase were obtained through Clean Ohio grants from the Ohio Public Works Commission. A capital campaign was held in December to acquire a needed $18,000 for in kind contributions for the Roller grant. A generous $5,000 donation from the Killbuck Watershed Land Trust along with donations from 58 additional contributors generated $21,165. The additional funds will be used toward projects on the property. Another major accomplishment this year was the planning of and construction of ADA trails, boardwalks, bridge and overlooks on the Kenwood Acres. Monies were obtained for the project from 7 grants, local donations, and in kind contributions through volunteers working on a variety of projects.  All trails have been graded and stoned and the bridge, boardwalks and overlooks have been installed. We are looking forward to completing the project this summer. 


Other projects included removal of invasive shrubs and plants to beautify the park, building a new bridge to replace a failing one near the park entrance, clearing trails of fallen trees, many educational hikes, a fall hiking challenge, development of the website and Facebook page, and a significant increase in membership.


Following the business meeting, Skip Nault, OARDC Entomology Prof Emeritus & Pres, Clear Forks River Trout Unlimited presented, “Establishing a Trout Fishery in Apple Creek at Wooster’s Grosjean Park.”  It was a fascinating look at establishing a trout fishery in Apple Creek at Wooster’s Grosjean Park and the importance of diversity in waterways.


It has been a successful and productive year and we’re all looking forward to the great things to come this coming year. An enjoyable time was had by all. 

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