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2021 Friends of Wooster Memorial Park Annual Meeting

 All Members are Invited to the FWMP 21st Annual Meeting!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 7:00-8:30 PM

Virtual via Zoom (Register HERE)

Guest Speaker, Danae Wolfe

“Ew to Awe: Fostering Appreciation of Backyard Bugs” 


Dragonfly, skipper and treehopper (Danae Wolfe).

Please join us for the 21st Annual Meeting (and belated 20th Annual Meeting) of the Friends of Wooster Memorial Park (FWMP). That’s right – last year was 20 years and now we’re celebrating 21 years, thanks to the continued support of all our FWMP members!


           This year’s meeting will be virtual, via Zoom, starting at 7pm. We will provide a brief update on Wooster Memorial Park (WMP) and the Friends, and then dive in with our speaker. We are excited to have Danae Wolfe for our guest speaker (she was slated to speak at last year’s annual meeting that never happened). Danae is a digital engagement specialist, amazing photographer, and conservation storyteller with Ohio State University Extension. To learn more about her, please visit


           From pollination and decomposition to providing vital food sources to birds and other small mammals, insects and spiders are a vital part of our landscape. Contributing over $57 billion in ecosystem services every year, insects provide a healthy foundation for nearly every ecosystem on earth. Unfortunately, recent research suggests a massive decline in insect populations in pockets around the globe. Danae will teach us how to support diversity and biomass of your backyard bugs through sustainable landscape practices while exploring the fascinating world of bugs through a photographic journey of your garden.


          How to attend:  To attend the virtual 21st Annual Meeting, please register HERE, and we will email you the Zoom login information for the meeting.

IMPORTANT: When you join the web meeting, your microphone will be muted and your camera will be turned off. You can communicate through the Chat and Q&A.


We hope you can make it!


Ambush bug (D. Wolfe).

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