We Did It!!!

Thank you to everyone who had donated thus far, with your help and generous donations we were able to reach our goal!!

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Wooster Memorial Park needs your help before December 31st!

As a friend of Wooster Memorial Park, we know how much you appreciate the natural beauty and great recreational resource that are the park. We are always striving to improve the quality of this natural environment and increase recreational opportunities for hikers and runners. To date, our improvements have been the result of grants and corporate philanthropy. Right now, we have a unique and urgent opportunity to expand the park by 34.4 acres of forest and stream habitat, but this time we need your help.


Our OpportunityWe have received a Clean Ohio Grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission for 75% of the cost of this valuable property ($240,700). Our $180,525 grant is contingent on the remaining 25% ($60,175) being raised by Friends of Wooster Memorial Park.  We have already raised $42,175, but we still have $18,000 to go and it must be raised by Dec. 31st for us to capitalize on this unique opportunity.


By expanding the park we will be able to..-  Increase recreational opportunities by adding distance and variety to our hiking trails.-Provide more opportunities for stream exploration and education by increasing the amount of the Little Killbuck Creek and Rathburn Run that flow through the park.-Help to buffer WMP’s natural resources from development, and protect additional forest and stream habitats for Ohio’s native flora and fauna.-Remove both invasive plant species that threaten the native flora.-Protect the water supply for the City of Wooster and surrounding communities by preserving more of the Rathburn Run and Little Killbuck Creek watersheds which feed the source Killbuck Creek watershed.-Protect additional forested land in the largest remaining block of forest in Wayne County.-Help to preserve more of Ohio’s natural heritage in perpetuity for the people of Wooster, Wayne County and the State of Ohio. 


How Can You Help?If we can raise $18,000 by Dec 31st, then we will receive the benefit of the full $180,525 grant. That means every dollar you donate at this time is worth $13 dollars to our beloved park. Your generous tax-deductible donation will not only help us achieve all the things listed above, but create a place for memories to be made for generations to come.We thank you in advance for your generous donation.

We need your help. Please donate to our Capital Campaign